Short and Sweet

Y'all are here for the characters stories after all, not mine. Short would describe my stature, but sweet would most assuredly not describe my personality. 

I live in North Alabama and I am married to a hard working farmer, who I'll nickname Big Daddy for his sake. He tends to be on the shy side at times. We have two twin terrors (The Lochness Monster and Mad Max), a coop full of chickens, a couple of dogs in the yard, and a pasture full of cows. We lead the typical life of most families out in the country that own a farm. Meaning we stay busy, and can't plan a thing.

The need to write hit at a young age, and it wouldn't go away. After many years of working with the public I decided to follow my passion. Who knows where this journey may lead me? I will have traveled an interesting gravel back road, with sites to be told, and tales to stretch and unfold.